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Looking for Otter AI Alternative?

Transcription tools have come a long way, but one size doesn't fit all. You deserve a solution that adapts to your unique needs. Explore Salina as an alternative to Otter AI and find out if it’s what’s perfect for you!

Introducing Salina
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Salina is a comprehensive solution for producing and localizing high-quality video and audio content in multiple languages. It automates transcription and adapts content to resonate with a global audience, while generating ideas for transforming existing content into new formats.

What about Otter?
Otter AI Logo | Best Otter AI Alternative

Otter AI empowers you to be fully present in conversations, freeing you from tedious note-taking. With real-time transcription, speaker ID, and searchable transcripts, it captures discussions, transforming them into actionable insights and smart notes.

Salina Key Benefits

Transcribe Once, Repurpose Everywhere

Salina's technology allows you to create a single video and repurpose it into 15+ unique, localized content pieces across 94+ languages.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround

Salina's AI-powered transcription and translation capabilities provide initial transcripts in just minutes, not days, and enable rapid deployment of repurposed content worldwide.

Multiply Your Content's ROI 10X

Salina's AI content generation transforms original videos into refreshed, up-to-date assets that can be reused for years across formats and campaigns, maximizing your content's ROI 10 times.

Maximize your content's potential with Salina's AI-powered translation, transcription, and repurposing capabilities, and say goodbye to single-use content.

Otter AI vs. Salina


Transcription Accuracy

Uses ASR to achieve 85-90% accuracy for high-quality audio.

Industry-leading accuracy with continuous AI model improvements like GPT-4

Advanced Translation and Transcreation

Adapts figures of speech, idioms, and cultural nuances for contextually accurate translations in 94+ languages.

Limited to English transcription currently

AI-Powered Content Repurposing

Generates content ideas, outlines, and summaries to efficiently repurpose existing content into new formats and multiple languages.

Automated meeting summaries, action item identification, some content generation via Otter AI Chat

Language and Subtitle Support

Transcribes and translates audio into 94+ languages, generating subtitles for global accessibility

English only currently

Turnaround Time

Not specified

Real-time transcription during live meetings

File Format Support

Supports 28+ formats, including scanned PDFs with OCR.

Supports common video, audio formats like MP4, MP3, WAV, M4A

User Interface and Tools

User-friendly interface with productivity-enhancing features, AI-powered content repurposing, searchable transcripts

Clean UI with transcript editing, comments, photos, and speaker tagging

API and Integrations

No specific mention of API or integrations

Integrates with video conferencing, calendars, messaging, cloud storage

Security and Confidentiality

No specific mention of security features

SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, data encryption, 2FA, SSO

Additional Features

AI-assisted content generation, automatic summarization, content optimization for global markets, localization and cultural adaptation

Speaker identification, custom vocabulary, voice profiles, OtterPilot meeting joining. Shared transcript editing, comments, highlights by multiple users


Pricing details not specified

Free basic plan, paid Pro ($10/user/month) and Business ($30/user/month) plans

Get to Know Salina More!

Salina supports transcription for all major audio and video formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV and more.

While human transcriptionists can be accurate, they are also costly and time-consuming. Salina's automated transcription is much faster, more affordable, and still maintains high accuracy, saving you significant time and money.

Salina can transcribe audio in over 94 languages and dialects. The most widely used languages are built-in.

Yes, we provide an intuitive text editor that allows you to review and correct the automated transcript. You can play audio while editing for easier review.

Once you have an accurate transcript, you can translate it into any of our 94+ supported languages with a single click.

Our AI repurposing tools can transform transcripts into blog posts, articles, social media updates, emails and more. It provides content outlines and writing assistance.

Salina's AI can generate short and long-form summaries, extracting key points from your transcript to create overview content for marketing or learning purposes.

Yes, our platform can perform sentiment analysis on transcripts to detect positive, negative, and neutral tones which provides additional context.

Unlock the Full ROI from Your Video Content

Stop wasting time and budget producing disposable, single-use videos.