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Create once,
Repurpose everywhere

Effortlessly transform your existing videos, podcasts, and webinars into a content marketing machine across channels and languages.

AI Chat with Video feature of Salina, Your AI Thought Partner.
AI Search feature of Salina, Your AI Thought Partner.

Boundless Content Repurposing

Infinite Content Possibilities

Repurpose one video into 15+ unique pieces of content for a consistent user experience on every channel.

Speak Every Language Like A Local

Localize content like a native speaker in over 94 languages and maintain brand integrity on a global scale.

Multiply Your Content's Utility 10X

Use AI to transform your content into evergreen assets that can be updated and reused for years to come.

Transcribe, Translate, Repurpose

Maximize Your Content ROI

Stop wasting time and budget creating disposable, single-use content.

AI Transcription

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AI Translation

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Make with AI

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AI Prompt Hub

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AI Agents

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Take notes and save tabs as you research

Install the Salina Chrome Extension and use Salina while you browse online.

Get to Know Salina More!

Salina is a tool that enhances reach with minimal effort. Features include content repurposing for tailored distribution, transcription of audio/video to text, and translation for content localization.

You can repurpose virtually any video, audio or text-based content including webinars, courses, presentations, interviews, podcasts, documentaries and more.

Our AI automatically restructures content for ideal formatting based on the output type, optimizing elements like headings, sections, flow, and metadata.

We offer AI translation to over 94 languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, and more.

Salina supports all common video (MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV), audio (MP3, WAV, FLAC), and document (PDF, DOC, PPT) formats for transcription and translation.

We have extensive guides, tutorial videos and a knowledge base. Our customer success team also provides training webinars or dedicated onboarding assistance as needed. Check out our Help Center.

We follow stringent security protocols including data encryption, secure transfers, access controls and are compliant with global privacy standards.

Say No To Single Use Content

Repurpose and reuse your content and 10x your ROI.