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Transcribe, Repurpose and Reuse

Convert videos into transcribed assets for seamless repurposing to perpetually reuse your most valuable resource.

Transcribe, Translate, and Repurpose Video in One Place

Smart Transcript Editor

Edit while viewing timecoded video. Reduce manual work by 90%.

AI Content Insights

Extract key topics, entities & sentiments. Get strategic insights in minutes.

Wide File Support

Transcribe 50+ formats seamlessly. Focus on creating, not converting.

Transcribe Once, Repurpose Everywhere

A single source video multiplied into blogs, ebooks, email sequences and more across 94+ languages.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround

Get highly accurate transcripts in just minutes with Salina's advanced AI models.

Cost-Effective Localization at Scale

Eliminate the need for expensive translation services while rapidly deploying videos worldwide.

AI-Powered Accuracy & Consistency

Customize linguistic models to capture unique terms and maintain perfect branding across content.

Powerful Transcription Features

AI-Driven Speech Recognition

Advanced AI models provide accurate automated transcription of any video or audio format.

Multilingual Translation

Automatically transcribe and translate multimedia into 94+ languages in a single click.

In-Editor Video Playback

View video timecodes synced within the built-in transcript editor for easy reviewing and editing.

Advanced Search & Navigation

Quickly find words, phrases, speakers, and time segments with filtering and search tools.

Searchable Insights

Quickly navigate content with keyword search, topic detection, and sentiment analysis.

Seamless Import & Delivery

Import video from any source, and export transcripts into multiple file formats.

Get to Know Salina More!

Salina is a tool that enhances reach with minimal effort. Features include content repurposing for tailored distribution, transcription of audio/video to text, and translation for content localization.

While human transcriptionists can be accurate, they are also costly and time-consuming. Salina's automated transcription is much faster, more affordable, and still maintains high accuracy, saving you significant time and money.

Yes, we provide an intuitive text editor that allows you to review and correct the automated transcript. You can play audio while editing for easier review.

Salina can transcribe audio in over 94 languages and dialects. The most widely used languages are built-in.

Salina supports transcription for all major audio and video formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV and more.

Our AI repurposing tools can transform transcripts into blog posts, articles, social media updates, emails and more. It provides content outlines and writing assistance.

Salina's AI can generate short and long-form summaries, extracting key points from your transcript to create overview content for marketing or learning purposes.

Yes, our platform can perform sentiment analysis on transcripts to detect positive, negative, and neutral tones which provides additional context.

Unlock the Full ROI from Your Video Content

Stop wasting time and budget producing disposable, single-use videos.