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Build A Team of Experts

Customize and scale your virtual workforce of AI-Assistants, Agents, and Content Generators to enhance your work and productivity.

Effortless AI Integration and Customization

User-Friendly Setup

Easily customize pre-built AI assistants or create new ones to fit your needs

Flexible and Scalable

Easily expand your AI team as your requirements evolve

PromptHub Resources

Boost your AI assistants with expert prompts and proven best practices

Always Available When You Need Them

It's like having a dedicated team of specialists at your fingertips, ready to support you on any task.

Smart Conversation Tools

Create AI helpers that can understand and respond like humans.

Collaborative Content Generation

Work with AI to streamline content creation and repurposing.

Make it your Own

Customize AI agents with your brand's unique style, tone and voice.

Memory for Better Chats

AI helpers that remember past chats, making interactions more personal.

Dedicated Specialists Without The Premium Price Tag

Brainstorming Ideas

Explore ideas and research topics in a creative, judgement-free space, with specialized AI agents.

Research Assistance

Classify and summarize content to identifying relevant information with AI-powered tools.

Domain Expertise

Train AI on domain-specific publications to gain deep knowledge to become subject matter experts.

Structured Prompts

Structured prompts and user input ensure output aligns with your desired topic, style, and format.

Scale Content

Streamline content workflows with AI, automating the creation of articles, blog, and more.

AI Fine-tuning

Customize and fine-tune AI agents style guidelines to ensure consistent and on-brand content.

Memory Integration

Context-aware and personalized interactions with AI that remembers past conversations.


Tailor your AI agents to your specific needs, with reference data for maximum relevance.

Function Calls and Tools

Integrate with calendar management, email drafting, and web browsing capabilities.

Get to Know Salina More!

Salina is a tool that enhances reach with minimal effort. Features include content repurposing for tailored distribution, transcription of audio/video to text, and translation for content localization.

The Agent Builder is a core feature of Salina that allows you to create AI-powered chatbots instructbots (content generators) and AI agents tailored to your specific business needs. These AI assistants can understand user queries, provide natural responses, generate content automatically, and offer personalized interactions.

AI assistants can benefit your business in several ways:
  • Automate content creation to save time and maintain consistency
  • Scale your content operations effectively without increasing headcount
  • Give you a competitive edge with cutting-edge AI capabilities
Yes, our platform allows you to fine-tune the AI models to align with your unique brand voice. You can provide your own instructions, data, and preferences to make the AI agents an authentic extension of your brand.
While chatbots are designed for two-way conversation, instructbots (content generators) specialize in one-way content generation based on predefined instructions. They can automatically create articles, product descriptions, and other written content with minimal human involvement.
Yes, our AI agents have a memory feature that allows them to recall previous conversations with a specific user. This enables them to provide more personalized responses, make relevant recommendations, and build stronger user relationships over time.
Our AI agents leverage advanced techniques like carefully structured prompting, chain of thought reasoning, and agent chaining to generate accurate and relevant responses. They have access to external tools, web search capabilities, and can integrate with other systems through function calling. Additionally, the agents have a memory feature, allowing them to provide personalized, context-aware interactions by recalling past conversations and user preferences. This powerful combination of cutting-edge AI models, reasoning approaches, and integrated capabilities ensures our agents deliver high-quality, reliable output tailored to your needs.
We have extensive guides, tutorial videos and a knowledge base. Our customer success team also provides training webinars or dedicated onboarding assistance as needed. Check out our Help Center.

Create better, and learn faster than ever before

Unleash the full potential of your mind with Human and AI collaboration.