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Don't Let Language
Be a Barrier

Reimagine your content for different formats and cultures through smart adaptation and transcreation.

AI Translation That Connects With Your Audience

Precise AI Translation

Best-in-class machine learning delivers fast, accurate translations.

Cultural Adaptation

AI optimizes content to resonate with local audiences.

Multimedia Localization

Seamless translation of video, audio & text content.

Speak Your Audience's Language with AI-Powered Translation

A single source video multiplied into blogs, ebooks, email sequences and more across 94+ languages.

Accelerate Global Market Expansion

Localize your content into multiple languages with speed and scale to accelerate global market entry.

Streamline Global Content Operations

Automate time-consuming translation tasks, boosting productivity and improving operational efficiency.

Transcreate for Local Resonance

Adapt your content beyond just translation, reframing the core message to truly resonate with your audience.

Localize Tutorials, Demos, Webinars and more

Neural Translation Accuracy

Advanced NMT models ensure accurate, natural-sounding translations across languages.

Cultural Content Adaptation

Contextual analysis adapts figures of speech, idioms, and metaphors for maximum cultural relevance.

Seamless Multimedia Handling

Intuitive translation of voice, video, PDFs, and 28+ file formats streamlines multimedia localization.

Scalable Cloud Architecture

Cloud-based platform scales seamlessly to handle increasing volumes and parallel projects.

Productivity-Boosting Interface

User-friendly UI with text editing, search, side-by-side viewing boosts productivity.

Multilingual Content Generation

AI-powered content generation rapidly creates localized omnichannel marketing assets.

Get to Know Salina More!

Salina is a tool that enhances reach with minimal effort. Features include content repurposing for tailored distribution, transcription of audio/video to text, and translation for content localization.

Salina supports over 28 multimedia and document file formats including MP4, WAV, PDF, DOCX and more for streamlined end-to-end translation workflows.

With Salina's cloud-based architecture and AI workflows, you can get video translations with multi-lingual captions and subtitles in a matter of hours or days rather than weeks with traditional services.

Salina's scalable cloud infrastructure can smoothly ramp up to handle your growing content needs, supporting higher volumes and parallel projects without compromising speed or quality.

No, Salina uses state-of-the-art neural machine translation models that are trained to produce fluent, natural-sounding translations in over 100 languages, on par with professional human translators.

We have extensive guides, tutorial videos and a knowledge base. Our customer success team also provides training webinars or dedicated onboarding assistance as needed. Check out our Help Center.

We follow stringent security protocols including data encryption, secure transfers, access controls and are compliant with global privacy standards.

Say Goodbye to Skyrocketing Localization Costs

Transform your video content into an evergreen, global marketing machine.